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    Rev. Cathy Kiuna is a woman on a mission to serve God and his children. As the Associate pastor to Allan Kiuna, she is called to lift the standards in women and help them discover their full potential in Christ. Her burden for the women folk gave birth to ‘Woman Without Limit’ a phenomenal show that touches on all issues faced by women. She preaches true and practical principles informing women about their responsibilities in the home as well as their role in the body of Christ. This program will feed all those who feel spiritually dry as well as those who are looking to forge a sound direction as inspired by God. Women who have suffered abuse and a myriad of heartaches will enjoy the compassion and love by this woman of God. Her encouraging messages are timely and will leave you better. Apart from hosting this life-changing show, she is a devoted worship leader and singer with 3 albums to her name. Her ministry also organizes international conferences to empower not just women but the whole family as well.

    Founder and overseer of the Jubilee Christian Church JCC, Bishop Allan Kiuna has been vocal with his message of hope through Jesus Christ to the audiences. Through his weekly television program ‘Voice of Jubilee’, Bishop Kiuna has been able to reach a wide variety of people drawing them to the lord. His is an aggressive style of preaching laced by the Holy Spirit. His energy is contagious and the result is good feedback from viewers who have found wisdom, power and encouragement. Bishop Allan Kiuna and his wife have built this ministry through certain principles and core values which include prayerfulness, obedience to God, a winning mentality, excellence and righteousness. The show will impart these same values to help you fully discover the goodness of God. Bishop Kiuna is a father to three children and a husband to Rev. Cathy Kiuna.